There are legal ramifications for each and every business transaction.

If you or your business are adversely affected by the actions of another you need to know where you stand – what are your legal rights and obligations?

What are your rights and obligations in contract, tort, equity, statute or a combination of these?

Every dispute is different and when genuine attempts to resolve a dispute fail or a wrong doer refuses to take responsibility for their actions, then litigation becomes an appropriate process to consider.

In our adversarial legal system, you are dependent upon the skill of your advocate. Troy Peisley is a Lawyer and Chartered Accountant with the ability to get to the pith of the legal issues and garner the best evidence to support or refute the allegations and strengthen your case.

Some of the matters that Troy has acted for parties in the past include:
• Breach of contract (joint venture, shareholders, supply, loan, guarantee)
• Breach of fiduciary duties by trustee
• Breach of director’s duties
• Breach implied duty of due care and skill
• Shareholders dispute
• Misleading and deceptive conduct
• Employment disputes
• Debt recovery
• Breach of trademark and copyright
• Taxation disputes
• Negligence
• Insolvency and setting aside antecedent transactions

For further information as to the matters Troy has been engaged please see: Litigation and legal Services (Since 1996)

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Litigation and legal Services (Since 1996)

Since 1996, Troy Peisley has been acted for parties in commercial disputes. Troy’s experience in commercial litigation includes: Supreme Court read more